Want The Best Sales Talent? Find The Best Sales Recruiter!

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Choosing the right recruiter can be a make-or-break factor when forming a crack sales team. But not everyone knows what to look for when they are recruiting their recruiter.

Do I even need a recruiter?

Not everyone does. But it’s important to take a few things into account before you reach that conclusion.

  • Is HR overloaded? If human resources is fully-utilized just taking care of the organization’s internal needs, it may be beneficial to seek outside help in recruiting.
  • Is the sales manager overloaded? If the hiring manager is busy running the department, they might not have the time or the inclination to be selective when hiring… and are more likely to hire the wrong fit.
  • Is this a specialized role? If the open position is something like sales, (or health care or IT,) does HR have expertise in that field? It might be a good idea to rely on an expert who regularly interviews these types of candidates.

What will a sales recruiter do differently?

The dominant strategy for most companies when they’re trying to fill a position is to post the job on a job search site, wade through the massive influx of resumes from unqualified people, and try to pick out somebody who may be a good fit.

This is time-consuming. It’s tedious. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s not the most effective means of recruiting, especially when it comes to sales.

A good sales recruiter will have a specialized process to find the most qualified candidates. By the time they get to HR, or the hiring department manager, candidates should already be solid. If you pick the right recruiter, you will see the right candidates.

What do I look for in a great sales recruiter?

A great sales recruiter should have the following attributes:

1- A Defined Process (That’s different from yours!)

Do they have a process that is different from the way your HR handles things? A good sales recruiter should have diverse channels and a pipeline for qualified candidates, and a defined process for getting through them. If all they do is post jobs and send you the resumes, you really aren’t seeing any benefit from their services. Make sure that they have a worthwhile system to deliver qualified candidates!

2- Good Disqualifying Skills

Lots of companies look through a mountain of resumes, desperate to convince themselves that one of the candidates is qualified for the position. Sometimes, they start to see attributes that aren’t really there. It makes it easy to hire the wrong fit.

Look for a recruiter that knows how to disqualify. Do they ask more than just the standard ‘check-the-box’ style interview questions? Do they really dig deep when vetting their recruits? When a good recruiter actively disqualifies the majority of candidates, the most qualified candidates are much easier to spot. If they are constantly looking for reasons not to hire somebody, looking for red flags, they are far more likely to identify the best qualified candidate for the position instead of always looking for reasons the candidate MIGHT work.
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3- A Record Of Success

Check their references! A good sales recruiting firm should have no problem showing you their track record. If you run across somebody who talks a good game but doesn’t have the experience to back it up, you may want to consider a recruiter with proven results.

4- Accessibility & Willingness To Follow Up

A good recruiter should take the time to get to know your company. This means more than a one-off meeting with an HR director, or wasting HRs time by floating every idea and question through them. The best recruiters work with the hiring department manager as well as HR. They listen, offer advice, and make sure that expectations are clear from the beginning. They meet consistently throughout the process to make sure that they are delivering candidates that meet the department’s needs. Look for a recruiter that is involved, consistent, and accessible when you need them.

5- Real Sales Skills

When it comes to recruiting, you are what you eat. For example: if you’re an IT company, you hire great computer techs. So when you’re looking for a sales recruiter, make sure they are good at sales.

The best sales recruiting firms know how to look for things like coachability and trainability. (And yes, those are different things!) We at EAM staffing like to put our recruits into role-playing scenarios where we see how they handle situations… it’s easy to claim to be good at sales, but how is their approach and control? What are their habits? Make sure you have a recruiter who knows how to spot great sales ability.

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A great sales recruiter is a good salesperson and a good prospector. They should be actively seeking great candidates and disqualifying the over promisers. Can they drum up new business and close a deal? The more they are run like a real sales team, the better chance they have at finding the best sales professionals for your organization.

Where do I find a great sales recruiter?

First of all, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that somebody local is your best option.

Just because somebody is close geographically doesn’t necessarily make them the best at finding the right fit for your company. If you have to choose between a remote recruiter with an excellent process and a local recruiter who has a slapdash approach, feel free to look outside your geographic area.

Take your time and vet your candidates well based on the qualities listed above. If you make the effort to find the right fit with your sales recruiter, you’ll set yourself up to find the right fit for your sales team.

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