How to Recruit the Best Salespeople in the World

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When asked to describe the stereotypical salesperson, most people would begin explaining the age-old used car salesman. They would describe his suave demeanor and ability to make a clunker sound like the dream car. They would then describe how he has no ethics, no morals, and how he tries to force people into buying things they don’t need.

This man is not, in fact, a representative of the world’s best salespeople. While that might seem surprising to some, others are aware of how difficult it is to succeed in sales and the kind of characteristics it takes to do so.

The best salespeople in the world have stopped selling. They listen and help you pinpoint exactly what you need to solve a problem, even if that means they can’t supply that product or service. They are constantly looking out for your best interests and building a long term, trusting relationship with you.

The best salesperson feels rejection and degradation hourly. They push through the pain and do the job that ensures their company survives.

There are two categories of skills that these industry super heroes possess:

1. Skills- qualities that can be taught

These are the learned skills that people refine throughout their life. A couple of common skills that can be learned are: Organization Resourcefulness Timeliness Coachability When hiring a salesperson, these skills are always a good sign. You can hire someone with most of the skills and teach them the rest. There is a catch- only people with the right traits will be open to learning new skills and will be hungry for self-improvement.

2. Traits- qualities you are born with

Traits cannot be taught and they are the foundation for the best salespeople. These are typically skills like: Competitive nature Goal driven Self-starting Conscientiousness If you’re looking to build a successful sales team, these traits are a must. Your team cannot perform at its highest potential if your people don’t have the drive to do so.

The best salespeople in the world display as many traits as possible and spend their time learning other skills. In fact they never stop learning and perfecting their skills. Stay tuned next week to learn how to pick these people out of the crowd.

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