3 Ways To Sell Your Company To Top Sales Talent

By March 21, 2018 Uncategorized

You want the best possible talent for your sales team. Who doesn’t? Everyone wants amazing sales agents that exhibit the qualities of success. The kind of salespeople who can close deals and keep your customers coming back to you. And that raises the question: how do you position your company so that you attract those top-level candidates?

What competitive advantages can you lure them in with? Flexible scheduling? Casual dress code? Free soda and ping-pong tables in every break room? A lot of companies are looking for quick gimmicks to make their organization and culture seem desirable to potential new hires, especially millennials.  

Sorry, but that’s not how you secure the top talent.

So how do you attract the best salespeople to your team? Here are 3 ways you can pull them in.

#1: Don’t Sell Your Company

Yes, you read that right. The best way to sell your company to new recruits is not to let yourself get into ‘sales mode’ when you’re presenting the opportunities in your organization.

People like buying. They don’t like being sold. When you go into ‘sales mode,’ people are immediately drawn into a defensive state. If it becomes obvious that you’re trying to attract people to your company, it comes across as desperate or disingenuine. Your candidates will immediately start looking for negatives in your organization.

So don’t sell your company. Let recruits decide they want to buy in on their own. Any company can get a ping-pong table. Not every company can provide the type of environment where great salespeople can thrive. Show that you’re a place that’s worth investing in and top performers will sit up and take note.

#2: Write Specific Job Descriptions

Here’s a trap that companies sometimes fall into: writing job descriptions that don’t say anything about what the position, or your organization, is really like.

Is your posted job description just a bland list of duties? Does it contain of mostly ‘check-the-box’ style qualifications? If so, you’re setting yourself up to get a flood of resumes that may be terrible fits for the position. Which can be extremely frustrating.

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So write a job description that is specific and accurate. Don’t cast a net… throw a spear. If you write a specific job description and let people know what they’re getting in for, you’ll be able to target the type of top-level talent that you want.

#3: Be Unappealing… To The Wrong People

One of the most effective ways of attracting the right fit is to be unattractive to the wrong one.

Let’s say you have a position that requires a phone warrior. They may need to make 100 cold calls a day. To some people, that sounds miserable. Those people would be terrible for the job. So why worry about putting them off? Announce that 100 cold call job proudly. The right fit is going to look at those 100 phone calls as 100 opportunities.

List your job descriptions so that they only appeal to the people you want to apply. Your less-than-desirable candidates should look at the job and say “no thanks.” You’ve got nothing to gain by selling your position to the wrong candidates.

By contrast, write your position honestly. If it’s unappealing to the wrong folks, the right candidate will say “That’s me!” when they see it.

Find the best fit, and you will have the best team.

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